Welcome to my historical and mythological journey through traditional relief print.

Origami dinosaur

Here I am holding the little origami dinosaur. This took months to come together to make this little print and now its available through the link on my home page… Have a great day and shine…

Origami Dragon Print release

This 4 colour wood engraving is strictly limited to 20 copies, For the next 3 days this print is available with 50% off. Follow the link to my shop to purchase. I’m sure you will agree this little origami dragon will bring a bit of shine to any room in your house.

‘New Beginnings’

I’m still working on certain areas of this print. For example, the eggs need more shading (which in relief print terms means more light added) and a little needs taken out around her head and feet. Then I will be ready to edition this little Robin. She is a print made to symbolise trust. I…