Beth S. Robertson

Although I studied illustration and printmaking, by the time I went to university wood engraving was no longer taught. I have spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching myself this relief print technique and am still learning with each new print.

After my BA(Hons) I went on to study a Masters of Design (MDes) focusing at how education systems could utilise visual communication to help children with learning difficulties retain information for exams through images.

From this I studied to become an Art Psychotherapist (MSc) and have had the privilege to go on many journeys with people as they recover from traumatic experiences.

All my prints start off as hand drawn compositions. I take hours to produce each one prior to them even making it to the wood or lino. This part of the process is very important to me and my trusty pen and pencil are as much a part of the print as the finished piece.