Whaling in Dundee

Whaling in Dundee went on for over 100 years. It fulled the Jute factories and fashion all over the United Kingdom. In a series of historical illustrations which will become wood engravings, I explore Dundee and Fifes history. Whaling is just one part of the jigsaw.

Here is the Caird hall in Dundee. Whist whaling took place, so did other activities which we can now look back at and think about the effects it had on other nations. They native people of Antartica were used on the whaling ships and then paraded on stage as something to view and use.

Here I want to turn the viewer into the viewed. Projected on the building itself the people who were taken from their homes and used to kill the whales to fill the captains and business owners pockets. They look back at us reminding us that we are now looking at those who sat in the audience of such things.

…And the stage was set… They sat in their chairs… They tittered and talked and laughed at the funny clothes. They waved their whale bone fans to cool their faces, the whale bone corset sort of pinched but at least the whale soap cleaned their pits and bits…

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