‘New Beginnings’

I’m still working on certain areas of this print. For example, the eggs need more shading (which in relief print terms means more light added) and a little needs taken out around her head and feet. Then I will be ready to edition this little Robin. She is a print made to symbolise trust. I have a friend robin that eats out my hand, we built protection, care and trust. She feels that i am a human that she can come close to, that is special.

She was made to support the thought press project raise money for two charities (Edible Rothsie and Magic Breky) dedicated to helping children who otherwise may go without some meals. I’m supporting by donating 10 prints which will be for sale, all the proceeds go to The Thought Press Project charities. For more on this print and all that the charities do, please hop on over to my instagram account for much more… I have been animating her too, so she is all ready to fly to her new destinations in April… bx

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